Gurkirat Singh Grover is a 24 years old digital marketing student at St. Lawrence college, and is currently pursuing Interactive Marketing Management. He was born and raised in New Delhi India, he is a hardworking, fun, outgoing and a friendly individual. In his free time, he likes to read books and do volunteer work, he also likes to travel a lot and has traveled to over 8 countries which has helped him grow his knowledge about other cultures.

He did his bachelors in Mass Communication and Journalism and has a diploma in Marketing Management his previous and current courses have really helped him shape his mind and get him ready for placement and his future dream job.  He is really passionate about data driven side of marketing and intends on perusing his job in Digital Marketing as he has worked with clients and helped them set up their Google analytics, Google AdWords accounts and has helped them take their business one step forward with his skills, which also include most of adobe suite, WordPress and Microsoft office. In his free time, he also like to shoot and edit videos and has quite an experience working on Final Cut pro.

Even though he has less experience with working in his field, he has all the necessary skills which can help him become a marketing manager at a medium sized company.

Gurkirat Singh Grover now lives in Kingston, Ontario and is finishing his diploma program, after that he plans on moving to Toronto to seek job opportunity in a firm that has an inhouse marketing department, As, he works his way up he really wants to work with clothing brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma. Another one of his professional goals is to be the marketing director at a large firm after he has gained around 10-11 years of experience in his field.